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Spiriva is a medication prescribed for the betterment of breathing for those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis, or emphysema. This medication relaxes the airways of those patients seeking help where there is evidence of a long term chronic breathing problems

When Spiriva is prescribed it comes in the form of pills filled with powder that is dangerous if it is ingested through the mouth. It is also dangerous if the powder comes into contact with the eyes so caution must be taken. In order to take Spiriva correctly, specially made inhalers are required for dispensing the medication. Since keeping the inhaler in top performance ensures that dosage is given correctly and more accurately, it is advisable to make sure to avoid getting water on the inhaler and keep it stored in an environment with a constant temperature.

Spiriva is only for the long time treatment of breathing problems and should not be used in cases of an acute attack. This product works best if it is taken on schedule in its correct dosage form. If a scheduled dose is forgotten, take it immediately unless the next dose is so close that overdosing might be a possibility. If a possible overdose is suspected, poison control must be contacted immediately to avoid possible long term side effects.

Daily habits should be taken note of by a physician since some medications, smoking, and drinking is capable of affecting its use on the body. Side effects from using Spiriva include dry mouth which is considered the most common complaint. However, changes in bladder habits, bowel habits, constipation, difficulty breathing, and bleary vision have also been known to occur.

If this medication is used correctly and a detailed medical history is given to the patient’s physician, there is no reason that the patient cannot have a full and productive life. The only hassle that may affect the schedule of the busy patient is the timed dosages that have to be taken and making sure to not overdose. After continued use and a check up from the physician, doses may be cut down and scaled back.

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